Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summertime 2014

Summer sucked. We hated it. We didn't do a darn thing, like at all. No vacation to MI or someplace fun. We barely went to the pool. I think that we made it maybe twice. Jude was a freaking nightmare at the pool and I just didn't want to deal with him.

All we did this summer was work on the house. As in house, I mean the back of the house (kitchen, fam room etc... the back of the house).

So it sucked.

Not very memorable.

Maybe the worst summer ever.

So bad that I just searched my computer for some pics to prove that it was the worst summer ever, and I couldn't even find any...

JamFest Louisville

We have entered the world of competitive cheerleading.

I've decided to call it synchronized tumbling, because that's really what it is. Cheerleading sounds soo.... stupid? They're not cheering. (GO SPARTANS!!! Omg, my fav SNL skits) They bounce and flip around all at the same time.

It's competitive synchronized tumbling

With drag queen make-up...

And glitter, lots of spray on glitter...


Over the weekend we got to experience JamFest! It was held in the Louisville Convention Center. It was actually kinda cool seeing all of the different teams compete for some title and trophy.

Reese's team took 1st in their division. They were amazing. I'd show you the video but I guess that I signed a waiver saying that I wouldn't put any video online. So... Yeah. Sorry... Oh, yeah. Fail on my part, I completely forgot my big camera. So all my pics are iPhone pics...

I brought Tate with us, because you can put her in your pocket


The entire team

My Little Man Rocking Out

Here's my little man! He loves to rock it out. This video is from early August and I've already shared it all over facebook and instagram, but here you go again. Your welcome.

As you can hear, Tatum was having a HUGE meltdown. It just makes this video just a little more awesome than it already is....

Monday, June 16, 2014

You Drive a Minivan

Here's the story...

So Saturday night we had a little shrimp taco get together at the house. It was getting later in the night, and the crazies were starting to emerge. As we were chillin' in the back, a minivan pulls up in the alley and stops right in front of my backyard. Two stupid skank teenage girls jump out and start hauling it down the alley screaming that they have to pee. (important fact: the alley is a dead end. Like ends at someone window.) So Brian, being the person that he is, walks up to the van and starts asking if they are lost and just starts messing with them. Realizing that they are stupid teens driving mom's minivan he tells them to leave and pee somewhere else. They start to pull down the alley to find the pee'ers. And then a genius idea was born and the trampoline was placed in the alley.  They respond like stupid teenagers and me, being the person that I am, responds back.

I'm getting old.

Thank you Steph for making the video!!

Monday, June 9, 2014


My baby is growing up. He's no longer "baby", but a toddler. Not just a toddler, but a boy.  I wish that I could keep him small and hold him in my arms and smother him with kisses. I try to do that everyday, but usually I get screamed at and pinched. He likes to give loving on his terms, not on mine. Cause if it was mine, he would be in my arms and never ever put down.
Boys are something different. Basically they are freaking little monsters. He climbs a lot. Growls extensively and eats dirt and other sorts of trash. And especially likes to throw objects at your face. He's fascinated with dinosaurs. Loves them. He has about 10 dino's that he plays with and makes them eat Barbie's and sometimes my leg. He also loves to watch Mickey Mouse. (Which is another issue. Never let your kids watch shows on your phone. It's a constant fight to get it back and usually is slobbery when you do get it back.) We have a couple of Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals. The 'Pickey's' sleep with him at night and will sometimes be food for dinosaurs. The only song he know how to sing is Let It Go. But that's really not his fault. I blame Hayden and Tatum. They love it (I hate it), it's on all the time (unfortunately for me). And that song just gets stuck in your head. So he sings it because it's stuck in his head. We taught him to head bang to metal and it's super awesome. The music will be playing in the background in the car or at home and he just starts jamming away. Boys are rough. They like to be thrown and bounced off of beds and the couch. Boys also cry, like a lot. So in that regard they are a lot like girls. He is starting to get the whine down perfect so he will be able to keep up in that department with the girls. And sometimes, when he's feeling lovable he gives me "huggies" and kisses and I love it. Snot included.

I'm Swinging!

Well, we got one of these...

(I know, my yard is super messy. But that's what happens when I unleash my kids. )
Thought I'd see more of these...

But instead, I saw an awful lot of these...

This swing set has caused SO many screaming fights. There is only 3 swings and 6 kids want on them. I kinda don't care though. They can figure it out.

Here's some more happiness from my favorite little boy...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's almost done!!!!


Looking into the mudroom


Family Room

Looking into the Kitchen

Check out my huge door holes

Closets (because you can never have enough)


Told ya it was a big door hole

The ceiling is one of my favorites.

So I am super stoked that this remodel is just about done! Hopefully we will be able to paint this weekend and then start on the floors!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stress (In honor of Mother's Day)

 Ok, who's stressed out????!!!!

I am...

Like super amounts...

I really just have too much going on.

I'm kinda like a stress sponge, I suck in stress that is around me.

Things that stress me out:

1. My kids. I really have a lot. 6 is a really big number. They fight ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 5 of them are girls and girls are the freaking worst. Lots of screaming in this household. (Also included: biting, stabbing, hair pulling, kicking, slapping etc...) At least 2 of them will be fighting at all times. And something is always going wrong. Just last week we had an ear infection, strep throat and a concussion. Really thinking of starting a petition to get the Duggers off tv. She's  making me feel like a crappy mom.

2. Old Houses. I USED to think that living in a beautiful big old house would be awesome. Who knew that they would need to have thousands and thousands of dollars poured into them. Ever see the movie The Money Pit? Welcome to my nightmare life. Darn you This Old House! You filled my dreams with lies...

3.  I bought the house next door because I love old houses.

4. Animals.  I have 4.

5. Brian's job. Brian's job is extremely stressful and super busy. (This is were the stress sponge comes in) He works long hours and goes off to different cities to check on his projects.

6. I have anxiety about my kids. Basically I have a problem of letting my kids leave me and do something when I'm not around. It like the fear of things that could go wrong. Example: Reese is going to Holiday World for her 5th grade trip. Which sounds like super fun and I'm sure that she is going to love it. But my mind starts thinking of bad things that could happen. Like what if she drowns because she hits her head on the bottom of the pool? Or what if the roller coaster flies off its track? Don't tell me that things like that don't happen. Because they do. Basically it's a fear of them dying or getting hurt. I usually don't tell people that I have those thoughts because they will think that I am crazy.

I am going to let her go.

I'll just crawl into a hole and worry until she's home...

7. Things I can't control (see all above)

8. The scale

9. The self tanning lotion that I put on my legs. It said that it was streak free and it's not.

10. The mess my house is in. Since we started this GIANT remodel of the entire house, my house has been a freaking disaster. It's constantly a mess! I really don't have anywhere to put anything. I'm missing 1700 sqft of space on my first floor and only utilizing about a third on the second (don't even count the 3rd floor...) AND we are down to only 1 1/2 bathrooms. It sucks. It drives me flippen crazy and freaks me out.

FYI: It's been 613,606 min since we started this project. You'd be stressed too...

Friday, April 4, 2014

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run

Saw this on Facebook and this is what my mind goes thru each time I go for a run!

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run

1. What a beautiful day for a jog!
2. This stinks.
3. Well, five miles is only two and half miles each way, which is basically two miles each way, so I'm really only running four miles. That's not too far.
4. It's starting to feel far.
5. How long have I been running? A year?
7. I can barely remember what my life was like before I started this run.
8. OK, concentrate. There are still four-plus miles to go.
9. But who counts the first and last mile? This is pretty much an easy three miler.
10. Oh, shoot! A fellow jogger!
11. Should I wave?
12. I'm totally gonna wave.
13. OOOK, they didn't wave back. Never doing that again.
14. Just keep running, no one saw. Except that old guy who may or may not be averting his eyes.
15. Man, I think I'm hitting that "second wind" thing my gym coach was talking about.
16. Wait, never mind. I've been running down a decline.
17. If I leap to avoid dog poop, does that make me a CrossFit athlete?
18. What the heck is CrossFit anyway?
19. Mental reminder: Google CrossFit when I get home.
20. If I ever get home.
21. If I had a heart attack right now, I wonder who would find my body.
22. OMG, I hope I never find a dead body. Joggers always find dead bodies.
23. Bodies. Body. Bod-ay. Runnin' all day, no one can catch ... may.
24. OK, I must be halfway done by now.
25. What?! Only two miles in?
26. Alright, stay focused. What am I going to eat when I get home?
27. I'm running five miles so I should probably eat five slices of pizza.
28. Or I could buy one pizza and ask them to cut it into five slices.
29. I should probably get a side salad too.
30. ...
31. Forget the salad actually.
32. Man, what are these people doing in front of me? Walking?!
33. Is this a contest to see who's the worst at walking? Because you are both champions in my heart.
34. Maybe if I pound my feet on the ground they'll hear me coming and let me pass.
35. Oh man. They're didn't turn around and now I'm right behind them. They're going to think they're getting mugged by the world's sweatiest criminal.
36. You know what? Now seems like a good time to run in the street.
37. * Jumps off curb * Parkour!
38. Hi hi hi please don't hit me with your car.
39. Pedestrian pedestrianizing over here, let me cross.
40. Thank you, Mr. Blue Honda. I'm trying to smile at you but it probably looks like I'm having a stroke.
41. Actually, I wonder what I look like right now.
42. * Checks out reflection in shop window * Yeesh.
43. Is that what I look like when I run? What am I, a newborn deer with a drinking problem?
44. Whatever, I must be almost done by now.
45. Heck yes. Three miles down, two to go. It's all downhill from here.
46. Except for that very real uphill in front of me.
47. Wait, is that... Is that...
48. A DOG!
49. Hi dog! You are so cute. You are now my mascot. I will finish this run for you, pup.
50. And — hello — what do we have here? Your human is pretty cute too.
51. Hope you like drunk fawns, Cute Human.
52. Watch my bambi self prance up this hill.
53. Holy cow, prancing is exhausting. I am exhausted.
54. Honestly, I don't even like running.
55. Why do I even run?
56. Why does anyone even run?
57. Why are we even alive?
58. OK, let's not go down that road.
59. Focus. Focus on that sweet, delicious 'za waiting at the finish line, calling your name with its cheesy breath.
60. Wait, less than one mile to go? I am KILLING this run.
62. YES, including ostriches.
63. Honestly, I should sign up for a marathon.
64. What is it, like 30 miles?
65. That's just 15 miles each way, which is practically 10, and 10 is twice five, and I can run five miles EASY.
66. That's it, I'm doing it. Thirty miles.
67. Thirty mile marathon... 30 mile marathon...30 Rock marathon.
68. On second thought, I'll probably just binge-watch every episode of 30 Rock. That takes a lot of dedication and I will be winded from laughing so hard.
69. But I could probably do a marathon IF I wanted.
70. OK, almost home. Should I shower first and order pizza or order pizza and shower before it shows up?
71. Yep, definitely ordering first. I earned that.
72. Oh, no. no. Another runner. Should I wave?
73. No, be strong! Do not get burned again.
74. OMG, SHE waved first! Hello! Yes! We are both runners! Look at us run!
75. I guess running's not so bad.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So... I Wrestled A Bear Once

Last Saturday I met up with Brian in Louisville and we went to another rock concert. We saw Oceano, Chimaira, and I Wrestled a Bear Once. You've probably never have heard of any of those bands. And most likely you would hate them... They are all heavy metal bands.

I have ALWAYS loved loud heavy rock music! (But not Death Metal, because that stuff is just wrong) Call me a metal head, whatever. I love it. I love being in with the crowd and feeling the loud music vibrate through my body. I have an ongoing love affair with Avenged Sevenfold (they are my sexy boyfriends and musically amazing) and Zakk Wylde from the Black Label Society has a special place in my heart. Not cause I think that he is sexy, because he not. But musically he is awesome. He was the guitarist for Ozzy and Brian said that he saw him at Ozzfest once and he played the guitar with his teeth. His teeth. And it sounded great. Which is amazing. And that's why I think that he's amazing. But he wasn't at this concert so enough about him.

The concert was held at a hall, which is nice because its a smaller venue and more personal. After their set is done, usually you can meet and talk with them.
This is Oceano.

This is I Wrestled A Bear Once. They are now on my top list of music that I like.The name of the band is awesome and the lead singer is a freaking girl!! She was absolutely amazing.

This is the pit. Brian likes to run away from me and jump into the middle.


Holy Crap. These guys had such a great stage presence, the whole room was buzzing with energy

The best part of the concert... Spending it with this guy.

It ended at 1am, I am a hot mess but everyone is a hot mess at that time.