Sunday, January 5, 2014


Definition of PANDEMONIUM

1:  the capital of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost
2:  the infernal regions :  hell
3:   not capitalized :  a wild uproar :  tumult
4: the days before a winter storm and everyone at Walmart goes batshit crazy
Yesterday, I had to go to Walmart. Not because I needed supplies to survive this oncoming "storm", I just really wanted to make a baked lobster macaroni and cheese. The parking lot was freaking packed and I ended up parking like 5 miles from the entrance. It was freaking complete chaos in the store. People are running around with their carts, filling them up with cases of Bush Light and Mt Dew. We waited 45 min in line to check out, which really is a standard Walmart procedure anyway.
Anyways, it was horrible. And this "storm" hasn't even happened yet. The weather dudes predicted that we would get 4-8in in snow yesterday. Today they say about 1 in in snow. I don't think they really know. But it is going to be freaking cold tomorrow. Something like -8 or something ridiculously worse and cold. And they are most likely going to cancel school. Not cool weather gods, not cool.