Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bloody Hell

Yep, cause thats what it feels like here in good ole' Evansville IN. A big steaming pile of Hell. I officially hate the summer. I hate it. It's hot gosh darnit!  I wish it was fall... I love the fall, so pretty...
Right now almost all of Southern Indiana is in a Excessive Heat Warning. Which basically means it's so hot you could die. AND it's going to continue to be hot and nasty for the next MONTH! We also haven't had any rain in like forever, so the river behind our house is starting to stink and soon the city water is going to taste and smell like crap.

This is our backyard. The grass that Brian worked so hard to put in is completely dead. Which is now an excuse to put in an irrigation system and sod the backyard. So actually the dead dried up grass is now a good thing..