Tuesday, August 24, 2010

32 week Update

I'm 8 months! So wonderful and extremely exciting! Why?! Because I am only going to be pregnant for another 6 weeks! Had another ultrasound today, Baby Girl #5 is already 5lbs 9oz! The Dr. says that by the time I am 36 weeks, she should gain another 3 lbs. Other than that, she is doing great!

How I feel: Huge. Just huge. I swear that my belly has grown 3in in the past hour... I can breathe just fine! That's because she dropped 2 weeks ago. Now it just hurts to sit and walk. My body (legs, hands, face...etc) has also doubled in size due to swelling... I look awesome!

Sleep: I am not sleeping well at all! She will not STOP moving! I feel like a zombie throughout the day. Well at least I will be ready for absolutely no sleep for when the baby comes.

Gender: At every ultrasound I make the tech check to see if it is still a girl... It still is

Weight Gain: Total I've gained 36 lbs. BUT I haven't put anymore on in the past month. And hopefully it is going to stay that way!

Name: She finally has a name! Brian is not a fan but I don't really care what he thinks, it's my baby. 

Labor Signs: YES!!! 

So that's the update

Thought of the day...

Whoa there, magazine, I already bought you. No need to pop out a million little post card babies asking me to subscribe...