Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Tate 11 months

I can't believe Tatum is 11 mo old! This first year with her has gone by way to fast! Especially because I still haven't lost all that baby weight, which just completely blows.. She is doing great! She is walking around the furniture and starting to say lots of words! She still is my "Angry Baby" but in the past few weeks she has been very happy! Not sure why, but I'm not complaining!

Her favs:
1. Tate loves to play with her sisters
2. me
3. her bottle
4. sometimes Brian... ok just me
5. biting
6. the dogs
7. any type of food
8. listening to herself screaming
9. singing
10. laughing

Things that make her angry:
1. people looking at her
2. people touching her
3. her sisters
4. Brian
5. anything that she's not allowed to have
6. kisses (but not from me, I can kiss her as much as I want)
7. hates HATES getting wet
8. her carseat
10. things on her head  ( hats, bows etc...)

Things she can say:
1. mama (most important)
2. dada
3. ozzy
4. ni-night
5. num-num
6. HI!
and lots of baby noises!