Monday, August 20, 2012

Yes, Please Pet Me!

It really amazes me how stupid people really are. Last week I was sitting in the back yard with Penelope. The trash working on my neighbors yard 2 doors down noticed her and starting asking me dumb questions about her (what type of dog she is, etc...) I thought that I did a good enough job giving them their answers, but obviously I didn't because they decided to walk on over to see her. Now my dogs have a HUGE problem with strange men (esp if the kids are around and Brian isn't home). They HATE them and try to rip them to shreds. So Penelope is having a giant growling snarling fit and is just about to eat threw her lead to get to them, the trash stops before coming into my yard and asks more stupid questions about her... My favorite question of the day: Does she bite? Can we pet her?