Monday, June 16, 2014

You Drive a Minivan

Here's the story...

So Saturday night we had a little shrimp taco get together at the house. It was getting later in the night, and the crazies were starting to emerge. As we were chillin' in the back, a minivan pulls up in the alley and stops right in front of my backyard. Two stupid skank teenage girls jump out and start hauling it down the alley screaming that they have to pee. (important fact: the alley is a dead end. Like ends at someone window.) So Brian, being the person that he is, walks up to the van and starts asking if they are lost and just starts messing with them. Realizing that they are stupid teens driving mom's minivan he tells them to leave and pee somewhere else. They start to pull down the alley to find the pee'ers. And then a genius idea was born and the trampoline was placed in the alley.  They respond like stupid teenagers and me, being the person that I am, responds back.

I'm getting old.

Thank you Steph for making the video!!