Sunday, December 23, 2012


Today I turned 29. And I actually feel really good about it. I'm excited for 29, its not 30 and it makes me feel a little more like a grown up. I don't feel good about being a mother to a 10 year old in 2 days. Its not that it makes me feel old, but that she is getting older and it really makes me sad that my Ree growing up. Being 29 also means that I have been with Brian for 11 years and he has seen me grow up, sortof...

Goals for 29

Run the half marathon again
Actually finish craft projects (sewing is my biggest finishing fail)
Stay calm, because being stressed out causes wrinkles and thats a bad thing
Make sure the people I love know I love them
To be more spiritual

Not alot of goals, but I also have like 150 kids to raise and deal with. So not a lot of time for myself...