Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stress (In honor of Mother's Day)

 Ok, who's stressed out????!!!!

I am...

Like super amounts...

I really just have too much going on.

I'm kinda like a stress sponge, I suck in stress that is around me.

Things that stress me out:

1. My kids. I really have a lot. 6 is a really big number. They fight ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 5 of them are girls and girls are the freaking worst. Lots of screaming in this household. (Also included: biting, stabbing, hair pulling, kicking, slapping etc...) At least 2 of them will be fighting at all times. And something is always going wrong. Just last week we had an ear infection, strep throat and a concussion. Really thinking of starting a petition to get the Duggers off tv. She's  making me feel like a crappy mom.

2. Old Houses. I USED to think that living in a beautiful big old house would be awesome. Who knew that they would need to have thousands and thousands of dollars poured into them. Ever see the movie The Money Pit? Welcome to my nightmare life. Darn you This Old House! You filled my dreams with lies...

3.  I bought the house next door because I love old houses.

4. Animals.  I have 4.

5. Brian's job. Brian's job is extremely stressful and super busy. (This is were the stress sponge comes in) He works long hours and goes off to different cities to check on his projects.

6. I have anxiety about my kids. Basically I have a problem of letting my kids leave me and do something when I'm not around. It like the fear of things that could go wrong. Example: Reese is going to Holiday World for her 5th grade trip. Which sounds like super fun and I'm sure that she is going to love it. But my mind starts thinking of bad things that could happen. Like what if she drowns because she hits her head on the bottom of the pool? Or what if the roller coaster flies off its track? Don't tell me that things like that don't happen. Because they do. Basically it's a fear of them dying or getting hurt. I usually don't tell people that I have those thoughts because they will think that I am crazy.

I am going to let her go.

I'll just crawl into a hole and worry until she's home...

7. Things I can't control (see all above)

8. The scale

9. The self tanning lotion that I put on my legs. It said that it was streak free and it's not.

10. The mess my house is in. Since we started this GIANT remodel of the entire house, my house has been a freaking disaster. It's constantly a mess! I really don't have anywhere to put anything. I'm missing 1700 sqft of space on my first floor and only utilizing about a third on the second (don't even count the 3rd floor...) AND we are down to only 1 1/2 bathrooms. It sucks. It drives me flippen crazy and freaks me out.

FYI: It's been 613,606 min since we started this project. You'd be stressed too...