Friday, May 21, 2010

I hate my hair...

I hate my hair.

I got it done yesterday and it looks horrible. I hate it. I went from a bleach blond to a nasty brown mess with ugly grey highlights. I wanted to get my hair darkened so I won't have to worry about getting it done every 6 weeks after I have the baby. But I'm hating the dark. I really want to go back in soon to get it highlighted asap, but I can't because it's just not that healthy for my hair. So now I have to wait 6 weeks with ugly hair. To make matters worse they cut my poo hair to short. So I hate the color and the cut. At least my hair is growning really fast right now, I just hope that it will fade really soon too.

Sorry, you don't get a picture.

Brian says he likes it, but he's a guy and he lies so it doesn't even matter what he says.

And to make my awesome week even better I threw up Taco Bell and fried chicken. So now I won't ever want to eat them EVER again. And I love Taco Bell...