Monday, June 16, 2014

You Drive a Minivan

Here's the story...

So Saturday night we had a little shrimp taco get together at the house. It was getting later in the night, and the crazies were starting to emerge. As we were chillin' in the back, a minivan pulls up in the alley and stops right in front of my backyard. Two stupid skank teenage girls jump out and start hauling it down the alley screaming that they have to pee. (important fact: the alley is a dead end. Like ends at someone window.) So Brian, being the person that he is, walks up to the van and starts asking if they are lost and just starts messing with them. Realizing that they are stupid teens driving mom's minivan he tells them to leave and pee somewhere else. They start to pull down the alley to find the pee'ers. And then a genius idea was born and the trampoline was placed in the alley.  They respond like stupid teenagers and me, being the person that I am, responds back.

I'm getting old.

Thank you Steph for making the video!!

Monday, June 9, 2014


My baby is growing up. He's no longer "baby", but a toddler. Not just a toddler, but a boy.  I wish that I could keep him small and hold him in my arms and smother him with kisses. I try to do that everyday, but usually I get screamed at and pinched. He likes to give loving on his terms, not on mine. Cause if it was mine, he would be in my arms and never ever put down.
Boys are something different. Basically they are freaking little monsters. He climbs a lot. Growls extensively and eats dirt and other sorts of trash. And especially likes to throw objects at your face. He's fascinated with dinosaurs. Loves them. He has about 10 dino's that he plays with and makes them eat Barbie's and sometimes my leg. He also loves to watch Mickey Mouse. (Which is another issue. Never let your kids watch shows on your phone. It's a constant fight to get it back and usually is slobbery when you do get it back.) We have a couple of Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals. The 'Pickey's' sleep with him at night and will sometimes be food for dinosaurs. The only song he know how to sing is Let It Go. But that's really not his fault. I blame Hayden and Tatum. They love it (I hate it), it's on all the time (unfortunately for me). And that song just gets stuck in your head. So he sings it because it's stuck in his head. We taught him to head bang to metal and it's super awesome. The music will be playing in the background in the car or at home and he just starts jamming away. Boys are rough. They like to be thrown and bounced off of beds and the couch. Boys also cry, like a lot. So in that regard they are a lot like girls. He is starting to get the whine down perfect so he will be able to keep up in that department with the girls. And sometimes, when he's feeling lovable he gives me "huggies" and kisses and I love it. Snot included.

I'm Swinging!

Well, we got one of these...

(I know, my yard is super messy. But that's what happens when I unleash my kids. )
Thought I'd see more of these...

But instead, I saw an awful lot of these...

This swing set has caused SO many screaming fights. There is only 3 swings and 6 kids want on them. I kinda don't care though. They can figure it out.

Here's some more happiness from my favorite little boy...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's almost done!!!!


Looking into the mudroom


Family Room

Looking into the Kitchen

Check out my huge door holes

Closets (because you can never have enough)


Told ya it was a big door hole

The ceiling is one of my favorites.

So I am super stoked that this remodel is just about done! Hopefully we will be able to paint this weekend and then start on the floors!!