Thursday, February 27, 2014

So... I Wrestled A Bear Once

Last Saturday I met up with Brian in Louisville and we went to another rock concert. We saw Oceano, Chimaira, and I Wrestled a Bear Once. You've probably never have heard of any of those bands. And most likely you would hate them... They are all heavy metal bands.

I have ALWAYS loved loud heavy rock music! (But not Death Metal, because that stuff is just wrong) Call me a metal head, whatever. I love it. I love being in with the crowd and feeling the loud music vibrate through my body. I have an ongoing love affair with Avenged Sevenfold (they are my sexy boyfriends and musically amazing) and Zakk Wylde from the Black Label Society has a special place in my heart. Not cause I think that he is sexy, because he not. But musically he is awesome. He was the guitarist for Ozzy and Brian said that he saw him at Ozzfest once and he played the guitar with his teeth. His teeth. And it sounded great. Which is amazing. And that's why I think that he's amazing. But he wasn't at this concert so enough about him.

The concert was held at a hall, which is nice because its a smaller venue and more personal. After their set is done, usually you can meet and talk with them.
This is Oceano.

This is I Wrestled A Bear Once. They are now on my top list of music that I like.The name of the band is awesome and the lead singer is a freaking girl!! She was absolutely amazing.

This is the pit. Brian likes to run away from me and jump into the middle.


Holy Crap. These guys had such a great stage presence, the whole room was buzzing with energy

The best part of the concert... Spending it with this guy.

It ended at 1am, I am a hot mess but everyone is a hot mess at that time.