Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hayden 10 1/2 Months

I can't believe that my little baby is 10 1/2 months old. She has gotten so big so fast! It kind of makes me a little sad that she is growing up. Right now Hayden weighs just about 19lbs, she's a little skinny but she is in the 90% in height (she must get that from me because I am so tall and skinny...) She can stand up without any help, when she wants too and is TALKING! I'm sure that she will be walking really soon! I can't get over how HAPPY she is! When she was born she was not a happy baby at all... but now she just sits there and giggles to herself! It's so funny!!! She also loves to sing and dance to music. I love this little girl!

Got Wood?

WE DO!!!!


We had a great Thanksgiving! My In-Laws came down from MI and the kids loved having them here! The food was awesome of course, because I made it. Really, everything turned out great! We had 2 turkeys, why? WHY NOT?! I cooked one in the oven and Brian smoked the other one. I don't really have alot of pictures, well because I was busy eating...