Monday, June 20, 2011


Everyone has quirks, some are stranger than others. Here's a little about me...

  • I hate feet! I think they are gross and disgusting.
  • I hate when people touch my feet
  • I hate it when people touch me with THEIR FEET!
  • I also don't like being touched unnecessarily. Not a big fan of getting tickled...
Reese has discovered these little "quirks" and now won't leave me alone! Constantly coming up to me and putting her foot on my leg or tickling my arm. Little stinker! She thinks it's funny...
  • I throw up a lot. I don't know why, I just do. It's been like that since I was a baby.
Ok, now this next part is really weird and a little OCD. I'm  not! I promise!
  • I don't like when people scratch their skin near me. It grosses me out. I hate the noise. And all of their nasty flaky skin particle are going into the air and I don't want them in my lungs. (told ya it was weird)
  • I have a hard time sleeping in beds that don't belong to me. Goes along with the flaky skin...
About craziness above, I don't have this problem with Brian or my kids. Just people outside of my immediate family.
  • I like to pop pimples! gross huh?
  • I'm lactose intolerant and have a milk allergy (yep, they are 2 different things and I am blessed to have both)
  • I have a retarded toe on my right foot.
  • Hated my name when I was younger.
  • Hate when people call me Kristin or Kurstin. (It's Kirstin. let me sound it out for you... K - ear-stin. not that hard)
  • If you listen closely you can see that I have a funny accent.
  • I love to read, alot.
  • I  also love to learn. And sometimes will search the internet to find more information.
  • I am also full of useless information and facts.
  • Love the library
  • I hate doing laundry! Can't stand it!
  • Actually never wanted to have any kids. (HA!)
  • I'm not a big fan of kids. Let me explain this... I love my children! They are mine and they make me happy. But other kids don't. I hated babysitting when I was younger. I could never be a teacher!
  • Don't understand why people are stupid.
  • My parents and Brian think that I am "a force to be reckoned with". Here's the definition:
    The phrase a force to be reckoned with is usually applied to ideas or things that are considered so big, so strong or so important that they cannot be ignored and must be confronted or taken into consideration
(Whatever, they don't know what they are talking about. )

  • I played the piano for many many many years. I haven't really touched it for the past 5 yrs, which is really sad.
  • Sang for many many many years and had all of the lessons to prove it. I wanted to be an opera singer. Haven't sung in a really long time. Which is also really sad. Sometimes the kids and I will sing around the house, our favorite stuff to sing is the Phantom of the Opera. And sometimes I can still hit those high notes..
  • I used to live in a tanning bed, can you say sun spots?
  • I brush my teeth at least 4 times a day
  • Scared to get wrinkles
  • Really love to work out
  • I have a birthmark (poo-mark) on my upper thigh, I hate it and I can't hide it very well when I'm in a swimsuit.
  • I have horrible hair.
  • Still hates my freckles. They have faded alot since I've gotten older but I can still see them.
  • I've grown 2 inches since I graduated high school! I am now 5'1 and a HALF!
  • I don't like animals
  • My eyes change color, they are weird like that.
  • hate my "bubbies". Just too big and in the way.
  • I hate leaving messages. I also have a hard time returning phone calls.
  • really struggle with my body since having children. I don't know if I will ever be happy with it.
  • I really hate BAD smells! And will do whatever I can to stay away from them
  • I can't parallel park.
  • I get lost while driving alot
  • Cannot dance!
  • I don't like to cry. Will only cry in front of my parents and Brian.
  • I HATE being pregnant. There is nothing fun about it. It's not cute either. 
  • I am late for everything. So expect it next time we get together.
  • I hate spiders!
  • I am also scared of chickens
  • I hate getting wet. Which is funny because I was on the swim team my whole life.
  • I think hot tubs are flithly and won't go in them
  • I don't like playgrounds with sand, gross and won't let my kids play in them.
I'm sure there is more, but that's me!