Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summertime 2014

Summer sucked. We hated it. We didn't do a darn thing, like at all. No vacation to MI or someplace fun. We barely went to the pool. I think that we made it maybe twice. Jude was a freaking nightmare at the pool and I just didn't want to deal with him.

All we did this summer was work on the house. As in house, I mean the back of the house (kitchen, fam room etc... the back of the house).

So it sucked.

Not very memorable.

Maybe the worst summer ever.

So bad that I just searched my computer for some pics to prove that it was the worst summer ever, and I couldn't even find any...

JamFest Louisville

We have entered the world of competitive cheerleading.

I've decided to call it synchronized tumbling, because that's really what it is. Cheerleading sounds soo.... stupid? They're not cheering. (GO SPARTANS!!! Omg, my fav SNL skits) They bounce and flip around all at the same time.

It's competitive synchronized tumbling

With drag queen make-up...

And glitter, lots of spray on glitter...


Over the weekend we got to experience JamFest! It was held in the Louisville Convention Center. It was actually kinda cool seeing all of the different teams compete for some title and trophy.

Reese's team took 1st in their division. They were amazing. I'd show you the video but I guess that I signed a waiver saying that I wouldn't put any video online. So... Yeah. Sorry... Oh, yeah. Fail on my part, I completely forgot my big camera. So all my pics are iPhone pics...

I brought Tate with us, because you can put her in your pocket


The entire team

My Little Man Rocking Out

Here's my little man! He loves to rock it out. This video is from early August and I've already shared it all over facebook and instagram, but here you go again. Your welcome.

As you can hear, Tatum was having a HUGE meltdown. It just makes this video just a little more awesome than it already is....