Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 recap

This year has been an interesting one. The biggest factor being our major remodel. But I will save that disaster for another post.

I will also say that this year has been a HUGE struggle for me. My stress levels have been sky high and I also have about 7000 kids that I am trying to raise. And by raise I mean be letting them live to the next day. All due to the disaster that I am living with, but like I said that's for another post.

The girls started gymnastics this year. They are all super flexible and its super disgusting. Reese surprised us all and turned out to be an amazing gymnast.

This summer I took the kids to my parents for our annual MI summer trip. Once again, Brian stayed home to work. I really don't mind that he didn't come, it was nice to just hang with my mom and do girl things.
Some summer pictures


2013 was also a very big year for Brian and I. It was our 10 yr anniversary. It's a big deal and I love that I've been married to him for the past 10 yrs. In 10 years we have moved 8 times. Been to 4 different colleges/university's. I've been pregnant 8 times and had 6 kids. In 10 years we had grown up. We got married when we were teenagers and vowed never to be a statistic, and we have never been.

For our Anniversary we took a little trip to St Louis. It was an amazing trip! We actually went to an art museum and had adult conversations and ate at "real" restaurants.  And the best part of our trip... NO KIDS!!!!

My kids were asked to be in a fashion show! They love it! And we hope that they are asked back again next year.... hint hint.

In October I ran my 2nd half marathon. It rained and poured and rained some more the ENTIRE time I was running. I was super cold and I hate being wet. But other than that it was a great run. And I'll do it again next year!

Then 3 days after my race we went back up to MI to see 2 concerts. We saw Brian's favorite band Hatebreed and then we saw Avenged Sevenfold!!! I love love love them!!

The concerts were amazing!!! And it was also nice to be back in the D (that's Detroit to all you non MI people)

We took the kids to a petting farm/pumpkin patch while up there. The kids love animals so it was awesome.

Some more picture


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! After about a year of avoiding my blog, I'm back to the world of blogging!

Christmas recap:
Christmas was absolutely wonderful! Everyone was completely spoiled and it was a blast seeing everyone's excitement while opening their gifts.

Monday, January 28, 2013

love affair

I got this beautiful beast for Christmas. I love her beyond words. It puts a smile on my face when ever I use her. I love the way she sucks up all of the dirt and hair from my nasty kids and animals. And with a quick flick of my wrist she can chase one of those nasty animals like its her job. She is the awesomest of awesome. My favorite forever...

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Having issues with uploading pictures to blogger, anyone else? I have a ton of stories and pictures to blog about, but since it's not working I'm going to forget all of them...