Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday afternoon some super awesome trashy chick rear-ended the back of my van. She actually hit me pretty hard! We pull over and turns out stripperella doesn't have any insurance (of course) AND finds out that her license is suspended. She begs me not to call the cops and she will give me all of her info and pay me whatever not to do it. So I call the cops. I was so angry, I felt like ripping her face off. As soon as the cops show up, she goes into this giant story of how a big white truck slammed into her and that made her hit me. Oh and the truck drove away. LIAR! There was no freakin truck! It was just you in your Chevy Aveo! Anyways after 2 hours of dealing with this the cops don't believe her and take my side. (I think it was because I had all of the kids in the van). My van is a freakin tank! 5 star crash safety rating! All it did was just take some of the paint off and now there is some type of grinding noise coming from the back when I drive. Just very thankful that no one was seriously hurt! The 3 older girls have a little whiplash and the babies are fine. I have raging migraine and whiplash.