Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Update....

How Far Along: I am 24 weeks, or 6mo for those of you who can't do math
How Big is Baby: Baby #5 is the should be the size of a papaya. Lucky me, my Dr already confirmed that she is bigger than she should be...
How I'm feeling: SWOLLEN! My fingers are like sausages! My other complaint (besides being pregnant) is that my lower back is really starting to hurt, alot. I haven't felt this much discomfort since I was pregnant with Ashlee. This pregnancy really isn't too bad. It's just like my other pregnancy's. I still get "morning" sickness alot, but I'm not throwing up as much anymore.

Weight-Gain: 30 lbs...

I would take a side profile picture, but that really involves too much work: taking a shower, actually putting a bra on, and trying to hide my 30 lbs I've gained...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've found this REALLY awesome pool! I love it! (It was just built 2 yrs ago, so it is really clean.)It has a giant waterslide, a splash park thing with another waterslide and it is awesome. But today some kid had to deface my awesome pool and POOPED in it!!!! But since it is an awesome pool, we now get it get in free next time we go...

Ally got Married!

Way back on the 27th of May, my sister Ally got married!

Ally and John

Ally and her best friend Becky

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So I know that I completely suck because I haven't done posts in a really long time. But today is not the day either, I plan on spending the day at the pool...

Here's some updates that I might actually get around to post about but probably not:

My sister Ally got married!
We went to MI
My sister Haley graduated High School!
I've gained 30 lbs!!!
Hayden is a nightmare
I love summer, but it's too hot
Broke the screen on my flipping camera
Still can't believe I am going to have 5 girls...