Monday, March 26, 2012

catching up....

It's been forever since I actually sat down to blog. Believe me, you haven't really missed anything. So here is an update!

Brian: Working as usual and trying to finish up with school. Work is going so well, that I will most likely never move from Evansville Indiana. (sigh...)

Me: Same old me... I'll be 29 this year. (gag!)

Reese: (9) Emotional and enjoying life. She is starting to get out of the "little kid" stage and looking more and more like a "big kid". She has definitely taken her dad's height! Her legs are super long (I'm super jealous) and she comes to my shoulder. She's going to be taller than me and I just have to accept it.

Ashlee:(6) Always happy but also starting to get a little emotional. Recently had a haircut and chopped off a whopping 7 in... but still managed to keep the long hair. She talks all of the time, won't stop...ever. She's going to be 7 in May and I don't like it..

Kailyn: (5) Is getting ready for Kindergarten this fall. She is super excited! It's all she talks about. (I'm super excited too) Is in love with a little boy named Brody, but he's not her boyfriend. Currently in swimming lessons and somewhat loving it. Hates going near the diving board.

Hayden:(3) What to say about this child? Hayden drives me crazy. She is stubborn and wants to do things her way. She potty trained HER SELF right before Christmas. Is also a little obsessed over Barbie movies and jumping on the trampoline. Currently in Swimming Lessons and loving it. Loves jumping off the diving board.

Tatum: (17mo) Has been walking and talking for forever. Going to be 18mo in a couple of weeks. She has also betrayed me and now loves her dad more than me. (traitor) But she's super cute and it's hard to stay mad at her

Animals: Still have the cat (fufu) and now only one dog (ozzy). Petunia was hit by a car behind our house back in January (day before Hayden's birthday) It was a super sad day. The girls were completely devastated! Not sure who cried the hardest, the girls for the loss of their puppy or me because of the sadness that they all felt. Still, she was a really stupid dog...

House/misc: We have a brand new bathroom on the first floor! No more ugly green and black tile! All gone! Currently in the beginning stages of a getting new kitchen! SO SO EXCITED! But I'm not going to tell you anymore because it's a secret and I'm not going to spoil it. Just have to wait.
Got a new Suburban and I freaking love it.

Would post pictures but then would have to acknowledge that I am a bad mom and haven't taken any. Since it's spring break, I might just do some... But don't hold your breath cause it probably won't happen!