Monday, August 22, 2011

Ash lost another Tooth!

Ash is one determined little girl! Her tooth was a little bit loose, not quite ready to come out. But Ash was doing everything she could to make it come out! She had Brian tie some string around it and then tied it to a heavy book and threw it over the stairs. That didn't work. So she found some pliars and had Brian pull it out. It sounded disgusting when he did it.


We got another dog! Her name is Petunia and she's 8 weeks old! She's SO stinkin cute and little! Everyone loves her! Hayden especially. She loves to pick her up and toss her around. So far she is a good dog. But she does have a little "hateful" in her... She is a Jack Russell like Ozzy, but should only be around 12-15 lbs... (Oz Nugget is a freak of a dog, he's a 40lb Jack) So she is going to be really little!

Best Day Ever 2011

School started on the 10th of August this year. And it seriously was the best day ever!  And I felt just like this... Was not sad at all to have them gone. Next year will be even better because Nene will be in all day Kindergarten.

Not Reese's Best Day Ever...

Alway's smiling!

Summer Recap

We had a great summer. Didn't do much, but it was still great.  Most of the summer was spent working on the backyard and the house. Brian removed ALL of the concrete that was in the back, I'm so excited that we are actually going to have grass and a fenced in yard!

In July, I took Reese and Tatum to California. It was great to see my family! I haven't seen my Grandma B since I was 15, and it was wonderful to introduce Reese and Tatum to them. I didn't realize how much I actaully missed California. I miss my family. I would love to move my family back there. The best part of all we were able to celebrate this guys 90th Birthday!

Just a few pictures of Reese...