Monday, February 10, 2014

Ski Trip!!!

Last Friday, in honor of the Winter Olympics, we took a trip up to Paoli Peaks. We went up with our friends the Dassel's and their two kids. No, I know what your thinking. I did not take all of my spawns! I left all but two kids at home. I'm not that crazy thinking that all of them need to go skiing... That would just suck.

Anyways, the two lucky winners that were allowed to come were Reese and Kailyn. This was the girls first time skiing. Reese, oh my heavens, well she is just amazing. We didn't do any lessons and this chick was flying down the hills within the first hour out. Couldn't freakin believe how well she did!! Next time, she's going snow boarding with her dad. And she will probably be awesome at it...

 Kailyn on the other hand hated it. She was too cold and she hated the lifts more than anything. We started skiing around 8pm at 10:30pm she was done. A lot of tears where involved and all she wanted was a hot chocolate. After her little episode and a hot chocolate she decided that she would just play in the snow and wait for everyone. At 1am she decided that she wanted to try it again. Brian took her out and she liked it just a little bit more. Next time we go, I am definitely going to sign her up for lessons.  If you ask her now if she liked skiing she will say that she loved it.

All photo's were taking with my iPhone, so they kinda suck. At least I took some and now we have memories...

Brian and I rocking it

Happy to not be outside

Angry that I want her to go out again

Reese and her best friend in the world Reese.
These girls are freaking cute. They do everything together!!!

A picture that I accidently took of my face. Enjoy

Brian and Nene

Ree was super awesome and could not be stopped. I barely even saw her that night.

Another picture of me. It was so cold that night. I seriously have a ski coat on, a fleece jacket, a fleece pullover, long sleeve shirt, t shirt, tank etc. My coat could barely zip up! But hey, at least I was warm!!!