Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Not Fall!

So far this Fall season has been a dreary, cold and pretty much raining everyday kinda Fall. So I am kinda disappointed with Mother Nature. She really is ruining my favorite season! I love fall because it is pretty. But right now it's cold. It's flu season, and did I mention that it's cold?! I really don't like that it's only the middle of October and I have already had to turn my heat on. Bring on the $1000 heat bills. So since it's cold now, whats the Winter going to be like?! I don't like the cold, it hurts my back and makes my house cold. I don't mind the cold if it is snowing, but here in Evansville IN (armpit of the US) it doesn't snow. It rains and it's cold. And right now it's cold so in my mind we didn't have a Fall, we just went straight to Winter.

So Happy Winter.