Friday, August 7, 2015

10....I think


Once again, one of my precious spawn children decided that it was time for them to have another birthday. This time it as Ashlee, and she turned 10.

10, as you know, is a VERY big deal. Your no longer a single digit number and basically just all around cooler. You can tell people proudly that you are 10, because it just sounds so much better than 9.

 My little animal loving softball playing vegan hipster had a long list of things that she wanted to do for her birthday. Lets just say that it was quickly cut down to be more manageable... for me. Brian took her out to the batting cages and spent hours there. She loves anything and everything softball. So hours at the batting cages is heaven.

 So my kids are super weird and they love scary movies. They have filled the their Netflix account with all sorts of scary creepy movies. I have an on going fight with Tate about watching the movie Annabelle. It's about an evil doll or something, another story for another time. Anyways, Ashlee really wanted to see the original Poltergeist. So Brian and Ash drove all over town to find it and actually found one! So after a birthday dinner of Hooters takeout and cake we all sat down to watch it. The girls loved it, and now they watch it all the time. We have also decided that Carole Ann looks a lot like Hayden...

Poltergeist Carol Anne.jpg

They're here....
She had a great birthday. She got tons of clothes from Justice, another tablet thing, dog things and other things that make 10 yr olds happy.

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